Halloween 2013


US teen tells how he killed his mother and sister after Halloween movie inspired him to murder his family


And what happened last night will haunt me forever.’ Evans is in court this week for the October 3 murders: The judge ruled the four-page confession would be open to the public Horrific: Jake, right,said he shot dead his 15-year-old sister, Mallory, left, as she left her room, and continued shooting her as she fell down the stairs High-end: The family lived in this expansive $500,000 home within an upscale gated community in Aledo Cold-blooded murders: The moment he killed his mom and sister is described in disturbing detail Evans’ lawyer Larry Moore objected to the confession being released to the public as it would likely influence jurors in this already highly-publicized case. Teacher: His mother Jamie Evans, 48, who worked as an assistant principal for 15 years, was also killed ‘The problem is the 911 tape — anybody in America can punch a button on the computer and hear it. Anybody in America can now punch a computer and see the statement,’ he said.

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