Miley Cyrus On Halloween

Miley Cyrus

The starlet tweeted two photos of herself wearing THAT purple pastie Lil’ Kim wore to the awards show in 1999. 13 of 24

Richard Carlson Is ‘Tormented’: The 13 Days of Halloween 2013 – Day Twelve

a classic poster that promises more than the film delivers

because his signature films dealth with giantism: ” The Cyclops ” (1956), “The Amazing Colossal Man” (1957), “War of the Colossal Beast” (1958), ” The Food of the Gods ” (1976), and so on. The dialogue in “Tormented” can be campy — “Oh, wow this is a crazy pad — you sure have a nice pad, dad,” says a smarmy beach-bum blackmailer played by Joe Turkel, the ghost bartender in “The Shining” — but it also occasionally aspires to the poetic, even if its unconvincing process shots of talking severed heads and crawling hands remind us of the mechanical and photochemical. “She’s dead,” muses jazz musician Tom Stewart (genre stalwart Richard Carlson), thinking about thetorch singer(Juli Reding) he let fall to her death from an island lighthouse, rather than allow her to expose their affair to his bride-to-be, Meg (Lugene Sanders). “She doesn’t exist.

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