Man Dresses Up As Boss For Halloween — And Suffers The Consequences

Three? Whitener told Salon that almost came off as a veiled threat. About an hour into the meeting, after Whitener says hed like to have a witness present at his next performance review, the manager answers, Why so guarded, though? Again, people that are guarded have distrust. Whitener is told at various points that he is not helping yourself out here by being insufficiently specific, or other variations on that theme.

Halloween Costumes Inspired by TV

Get into costume: Squeeze yourself into some super-tight “hoochie pants,” slap on a vintage Nintendo belt buckle, and … more don’t forget the alien pin on your favorite turtle neck. Loud funky patterns and bright colors are a must: Think purples and plaids! Get into character: Work on your outrageously creeptastic pickup lines when you’re not complaining about living at home with your obnoxious Jewish mother.

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