John Gilligan Dismisses Attempted Hit As ‘halloween Prank’

Halloween Grinch to replace candy with fat notes?

Asked again why someone might want to try and kill him he said:I havent got a clue. Halloween.

John Gilligan dismisses attempted hit as ‘Halloween prank’

CNN’s Kelly Wallace: “I know whose house I would avoid on Halloween if I lived in Fargo, North Dakota.” “I agree that the community as a whole should support and promote healthy lifestyles because it does take a village, but this is not the way to go about it,” said Janet Abrams Piechota on Facebook. Said a reader who goes by the Twitter handle @nunoc3 , “Wrong strategy for a real problem.” “Maybe she should just give out healthy snacks to all,” @patgee59 tweeted. “Don’t be the fat monitor.” Yes, she can join the small number of families (less than 5% according to a poll for a story I did a few years back ) who give out healthy snacks — raisins, fruit, even toothbrushes and dental floss on Halloween. Read: Halloween, behind the scenes with Martha Like the woman in North Dakota, I guess these families also have good intentions, but come on, folks, it’s Halloween.


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