Social Media Complicates Halloween Costumes

halloween social media.jpg

You have actually never thought of something all new. You simply didn’t know about it. Now, we are merely familiar with excess of our ingenuity. So, maybe the ideal isn’t really uniqueness, it’s quality implementation or importance to your good friend group.” As opposed to consuming and discarding costume suggestions at the rate of a Twitter talk, Americans may begin focusing on ingenuity and significance over novelty.

Open residence: Elegantly eerie Halloween decor

<img src='; width='200px' alt='This fireplace is a spooky and inviting Halloween display. Sarah Macklem dressed it with a little elegance and edginess. You can see more of her designs on her blog, The Yellow Cape Cod.’ style=’float:left;padding:5px’ />

Having said that, however, we have four tiny granddaughters, so all of our decorations are little-kid-friendly! My porch decorations (as well as the owl party favors) center around cute Halloween friends and my favorite fall elements: Pumpkins, hay bails and mums!” — Robin Gay “I balanced the kids’ requests for spooky Halloween decor with my desire to keep things sophisticated.” — Sarah Macklem “I chose the (styrofoam) pumpkins because they last longer. With styrofoam pumpkins, you can decorate early and use the decor year after year … as a mom on a budget, I definitely love that.” — Jessica Kielman Stay in touch!


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