Ohio County Judge Apologizes For Blackface Servant Halloween Costume, Says He Meant No Harm

The climb is too difficult for the average climber, Thomas said. More than 400,000 people visit Carlsbad Caverns each year to get a glimpse of the monumental stalagmites and stalactites, delicate soda straws, translucent draperies and reflective pools that decorate the park’s main attraction, the Big Room. Only a fraction of visitors get a chance to experience off-trail tours because of limited reservations. Since Carlsbad Caverns’ discovery around 1898 by a teenage cowhand, scientists and explorers have discovered more than 118 caves in the area.

Although it was stupid, I certainly didnt do it maliciously, Nusbaum said. I was born in this community and Im sorry I let my community down. Burton said he considers the costume choice out-of-character for the judge. We left with an understanding that we know it was in poor taste, but we accept his apology and this is not in his character, Burton said. Nusbaum acknowledged the possibilities that the costume could create a perception of bias in his work and could prompt disciplinary action from an Ohio Supreme Court board if it were to be deemed unethical conduct.

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