Will Evan Rachel Wood’s ‘terminator’ Halloween Outfit Bring About Reboot Part?

Halloween Happenings assists young mothers

Or at least, she dressed as the famous character from” Terminator 2″ for Halloween, but as MTV Information discovered the outfit can bring about a part in the reboot. When recruiter Josh Horowitz rested with the” Charlie Countryman” celebrity, he inquired about a tweet Lumber delivered on Halloween claiming she dressed as Connor. Turns out, it wasn’t merely any sort of Connor: it was Linda Hamilton’s character from the hit sequel, full with theme song playing when Timber entered a room. The sad thing is, Timber’s spouse didn’t bridal dress as Robert Patrick’s T-1000, though he did sporting activity a sweet “Beetlejuice” encouraged clothing.

Evan Rachel Wood

/ Thanks to Emily Freihofer Written by Katie and Abby Glaser are joined by teachers Rachel Hillenbrand, Kathy Nienaber, Jessica Adams, Karen Cesco and Heather Dickerson. / Thanks to Emily Freihofer More ADVERTISEMENT Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Burlington recently hosted its fourth annual Halloween Happenings event. Students in grades 4-6 donated baby items to the Rose Garden Mission. The school collected nearly 300 items to help young mothers and their children in the Covington area.


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