‘i Wore A Testicle Vice’: Matt Lauer Jokes About The Wardrobe Tricks Required To Wear Pamela Anderson’s Skimpy Baywatch Swimsuit For Halloween

I didn’t want her to show me up in that red suit. So for a month I was doing crunches,’ said Lauer.

Halloween candy collection tradition continues at St. Anne Parish School

Parents and teachers help the students of St. Anne Parish School gather their Halloween trick or treat candy donations for the Candy Sharing Project, now in its 12th year.

Residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities as well as children unable to trick or treat because of neighborhood dangers, living placements and other deprived situations, become recipients of their kindness. Each year more than 30 large shopping bags are distributed in Milwaukee and Chicago by some of the School Sisters of St. Francis, who work in these cities or surrounding areas. A certain amount of candy is immediately taken to the children and the elderly, but Santa also delivers some of the candy with his Christmas gifts or the Easter Bunny remembers them with some of the candy put into Easter baskets.

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