Chinese Effort Camp Offender Tells Of True Scary Of Halloween ‘sos’.

Evan Rachel Wood

Or at least, she dressed as the iconic character from ” Terminator 2 ” for Halloween, but as MTV News found out the costume could lead to a role in the reboot. When interviewer Josh Horowitz sat down with the ” Charlie Countryman ” star, he asked about a tweet Wood sent on Halloween saying she dressed as Connor. Turns out, it wasn’t just any Connor: it was Linda Hamilton’s character from the hit sequel, complete with theme song playing when Wood entered a room. Sadly, Wood’s husband didn’t dress as Robert Patrick’s T-1000, though he did sport a sweet “Beetlejuice” inspired costume.

“It was surprising in the beginning and I didn’t understand if it was a hoax,” remembered Keith, a program manager at a business that runs a chain of thrift establishments and donation facilities. “When I check out the letter and looked into on the Internet, I recognized that this might be the genuine deal.


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