Chinese Labor Camp Inmate Tells Of True Horror Of Halloween ‘sos’

When his long-forgotten letter was discovered by Keith and made news last year, he was as surprised as everyone else. He sent a new letter to Keith through a friend, thanking her profusely for her “righteous action that helped people in desperation achieve a good ending,” while reminding her that “China is like a big labor camp” under the Communist Party’s rule. “It is quite ironic that it was a bloody graveyard kit that I purchased — knowing that the people who made these kits were desperate and bloody themselves,” Keith reflected.

Jupiter Law Center’s 8th Annual Halloween Party raises $15,000 for Aicardi Syndrome Foundation

The Aicardi Syndrome Foundation, Inc. helps fund research at the University of California at San Francisco and Baylor University as well as providing an annual conference for Aicardi families. With support from the Aicardi Syndrome Foundation and strong involvement of her family, Ava has made wonderful progress, defying early predictions. Recently, the Gumsons rejoiced in hearing their daughter, who is mostly non-verbal, utter I love you for the first time.


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