Grandma Says Children Preferred Fruit Candy In Halloween Experiment

Guwahati’s nightlife catching up on Halloween

She decided to conduct a little test: Would kids prefer fruity candy (such as Jolly Ranchers and Skittles), chocolate candy (including Milky Way and Three Musketeers) or bags of Snyder’s pretzels? Levitt bought about 1,000 pieces of candy and 30 bags of pretzels. She separated the three choices into baskets and told the kids they could either pick the pretzels or five pieces of fruity or chocolate candy. To her surprise, the fruity ones were the first to go.

Trick or treat for science: Kids become test subjects

It is now celebrated in countries like the US, Canada and Britain by children who dress up like ghosts and witches. Curiosity marks an important aspect through the usage of strange and deathly-looking costumes which are intrinsic part of Halloween theme-based parties. “It is a new concept in the city and people are waking up to it. The fever is relatively new and a section of the young populace is catching up to it.


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