Valve Forgot ‘diretide’ Halloween And Dota 2 Fans Are Not Pleased

DOTA 2 users then had the brilliant idea to do the dumbest thing any fanbase can do to a game, flood Metacritic with bad user reviews . The slew of zeros since the forgotten Diretide has dropped the games user score about two points to a 4.5. The debate about Metacritic user scores being idiotic is probably saved best for another day, so Ill move on from this obviously childish tactic so we can keep talking about the larger problems behind the Diretide ball dropping.

Viral photo: Naked blonde in high heels at Arizona State U. Halloween party

2, when a blonde female showed up at an Arizona State University Halloween throwdown “dressed up” in nothing but high heels… So there was at least one person in America this year that didn’t worry too much about the cost and time it would take to create a memorable Halloween costume . And they still managed to incorporate the “sexy costume” and “party naked” themes into an eye-catching effect.


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