Family Fun! Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Get Ready For Halloween By Taking Their Adorable Kids To The Pumpkin Patch

Weird Halloween Products Include Pregnant Tinker Bell Costumes, Gravy-Flavored Candy, Zombie Flamingos

It was recently claimed Nicole was reluctant for Joel to sign up for another series on The Voice Australia, because it keeps him away from the family – or she has to spend time in Australia, away from her business enterprises. Mini-me: Nicole carried her adorable daughter on her hip during their day in the sunshine A source told Nine MSN: ‘Nicole is ramping up her showbiz career after putting it on pause a few years ago. She’s pumping up a comedy career after her new and much buzzed AOL web series called Candidly Nicole.

Family day out: Nicole Richie and Joel Madden took their kids to their local pumpkin patch in Sherman Oaks, California on Saturday for a day of family fun

Truth is, you may have to blow even harder just to get the rubber whiskers to look right. Adult Man Pregnant Fairy This pregnant fairy costume for men is a beautiful way to subtly pervert a popular children’s tale for evermore. Sharknado Attack Costume “Sharknado,” the cable movie classic, has inspired this stylish shark attack costume. There are some people who might not get the reference (but you don’t want those type of people as friends, anyway).

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