10 Great Halloween Haunted House Attractions Across The U.s.

Over the years Halloween events have begun earlier and earlier and now many extend from September to the end of October. No longer is it a one night stand, where kids go Trick N Treat, some event last for days, and as in the case of Disneyland some of these event are already in progress. The stores are already open with a variety of costumes on sale, pumpkin patches can be found on empty lots stocked with pumpkins for carving, while communities are planning Halloween events to keep the kids safe and having lots of fun.

Brain scan may detect alzheimers

While many of these are quaint, small scale seasonal attractions, more and more are extensive state of the art facilities heavily investing in providing an unforgettable first-class entertainment experience to visitors travelling long distances to be shocked, scared and surprised. Often boasting great names such as Field of Screams, ScareAtorium, CornEvil, FearFair, and Shocktoberfest, the most elaborate have become major destinations in their own right and are extremely thorough and intricate, with Hollywood-style special effects, pyrotechnics and professional actors. For example, Frightland in Middleton, Delaware is not a single house but a vast complex of eight different and unique haunted attractions including a zombie ghost town, haunted barn, haunted house, and more.


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