70% Of Costume-wearers Look For Inspiration From Social Media According To Savers’ Annual Halloween Shopping Survey

Similar to years past, nearly 50 percent of respondents think movies and TV shows are the best costume inspiration, and almost 40 percent said they put in more effort to wear something different every year because they know pictures of them in costume will be posted on social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest. And with the popularity of the hit song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore, more people are thrift shopping and Halloween is no exception.

Halloween Approaching! Confectionery Wholesaler Hancocks Launch Trick or Treat Range

Some of the Halloween sweets on offer this year include: Halloween Rock Jelly Pops (A1 RRP), Monster Mates Skeleton (25p RRP), Halloween Popping Candy Lolly (25p RRP), Monster Mates Pumpkin Pail (99p RRP) and many more. Hancocks’ Halloween range offers retailers versatility beyond the event itself, which is reassuring for retailers who donat want to be left with excess Halloween themed sweets. Products like Eye Poppers, Toxic Waste and Pick and Mix sweets such as Jelly Bats, Fizzy Fangs, Giant Spiders and Giant Rats are relevant for a themed Halloween display but are loved and purchased all year round. Hancocks recommends that retailers should be creating their Halloween themed display as early as possible to cater for early bird buyers, ideally the first week of October at the latest.

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